Sunday, March 18, 2007


Once again I have donned another hat.

My hats are not the big white ones with flowers or the feathered cowboy-ish ones or the cute old fashion messenger ones. Instead, they are the ones with little tags.

The kind of hats that are attached to jobs.

I have a lot of hats.

My new one is fun. It is actually my favorite hat of all.

I am now a volleyball coach.


The best part of the whole thing is,
Get this,
I actually know all the rules!

It’s true.

Well, mostly true.
I know almost all the rules.

I know that you play with a soft-ish white ball. I know that there is a long net in the middle.
I know that there are no hoops involved what-so-ever.

I was a ref this weekend. It was nearly successful. There were a few frightening moments where I had a give a sudden scared look of confusion to the other coaches. They set me strait.

By the end of the game I was a ref extraordinaire.
All the rules were completely clear.
Well, mostly clear.
Clear like kool-aid.

Just give me time and I will be the best volleyball-er ever.

What about your other hat"school Photographer". We want more pictures!! Maybe,a Polar Bear would be nice. Rub a little blubber on one of the kids. Go walking on the tundra or an ice flow and I'll bet you will get some good ones. It could qualify as a school field trip. Who knows? That might be a good topic for an essay, too. The good ideas just keep coming, but I must go. Bye! UM
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