Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Peace and Love

Bring on the bell-bottoms and the flower power! I am showing evidence of my hippy-ish nature. Well, more than usual, at least.
For the past few weeks my “Science” class has been studying the environment, pollution, and how to hug trees.

We recycled paper and made “Save the Earth” posters out of them.

I am seriously proud of this bulletin board.

And all the kids keep asking me if I wore tie-dye in the 70’s.
Or if I ever owned a VW van.

I totally wish…

So, here is the hippy-ness of me!

Go to 55krc.com and you can hear the retort to Algore's "An inconvenient Truth". It's the British program debunking Al's man is causing global warming hysteria. It's about 75 minutes long. Verrry Interesting!! UM
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