Tuesday, March 20, 2007

If a tree falls...

In my “science” class we have been discussing fossil fuels and the role they play in our society and environment. We have looked at them from all directions with me trying to keep my inner tree-hugger at bay.

Today we were talking about coal mining and the dangers it presents to the environment and the people involved.

Lucky for us, that mine in Russia had exploded at a perfect time. Allowing me to integrate Current Events into the lesson.

So we began talking about miners. How perilous the job is. The different hazards they can and do face. What job canaries once preformed.

There was a look of perplexity on the face of one student for much of our discussion.

Every time I mentioned the role of a miner.
Or the number of miners who died in the blast.
Or the location of this mining town.
The look of her face just became more twisted.

Finally she asked the question so forcibly on her mind.

“Miners?” She said tentatively. “You mean those guys who can’t talk and are stuck in a box?”

I don't get it?????????UM
think white face paint and a black uni-tard.
think and ever shrinking invisible box.
think the most annoyig creature on the planet.

would you like to go to the "mining" town?
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