Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Dirty deeds

Remember, way back when, when I told you a story of fun movies.
The student who left their favorite DVD in the laptop while he sent it into the tech department for repairs.

Well, as it turns, dirty files don’t always need a disc.

One of our tech guys has been remotely checking the files on student computers. He has the spy vs. spy job of making sure there is nothing risqué clogging up the hard drives.

He said that every night since he started this little project he has had the driving urge to wash he brain out with Drain-O.

What with the email bullying, the explicit lyrics, and the hard core pornography.

One had gang related rap music.
One had a few files of scantily clad cheerleaders.

One of my students was found with 8 full-length movies and several folders with hundreds of still shots.
All of an adult nature.

One had multiple clips of video and pictures with the most “alluring” titles. Many with the F-word repeated over and over again.
That alone does not make this students’ computer more shocking than the others.
What makes his “collection” so distressing is the simple fact that the computer he used on his fun hunt was a loaner. One that never actually left the building.

He acquired all his porn during the narrow span of the school day.

I just hope it wasn’t during math…

Man, I can't even check MySpace on the school internet...these kids should work for the NSA!
I'll tell you, these little devils are crafty.

And kind of scary...
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