Sunday, February 04, 2007

Where is my bikini!

Today I was talking to a friend in Ohio. He told me about the weather all you lower 48-ers are having.

He said that it was shockingly cold. He said that he, in fact, may die of frost bit tomorrow on his way to work.
He even told me that he hasn’t felt air this cold in a number of years. Maybe ever.

Then he told me the numerical temperature.
14 degrees.

At first I wanted to laugh. I mean, that is above zero and therefore significantly better than anything I have experienced in quite awhile. But, I have had several years of acclimation to this subzero climate, so I didn’t laugh. I didn’t even giggle.


I checked the temperature in Barrow.
It’s currently 28 degrees here.

I laugh at all of you! I am in a tropical heat wave!

Yes, you are warm because we have your ARTIC COLD air now. It was 1 above zero this AM in Cincy; 20 below with wind chill. I found some flannel lined jeans online and some heavy duty boot socks $2 a pair at Value City. They come up to just below the knees. A wool scarf and a heavy duty hooded coat. I was toasty! Many of our busses had freezing fuel lines and stopped dead in the street. Luckily mine didn't. Yes, we have the ARTIC CIRCLE in Cincinnati!!!
haha... same here. It's been in the upper 20s here; but last week it was up in near 40. It melted everything, made our river road very wet. Now it's all frozen... but very bumpy.
Global Warming is awesome!
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