Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Weeks go by

It has been a particularly hectic week, full of teaching fun and extracurricular obligations.
Where to begin the filling in?

About a week and a half ago I was the official photographer for the high school Homecoming dance.
A little odd, due to the fact that Homecoming is traditionally a fall activity. But that tradition was made by those loving-in the football fun. And though we have a brand spankin’ new football team, we have not yet left behind the Alaskan obsession for basketball.
Therefore, Homecoming Dance lands during the high and mighty B-ball season.

It was fun; I came, I saw, I snapped some pictures.
They actually came out fairly well. Dare I say, very well.
All shiny and almost professional looking.
A shining photographic moment.

Later in that that happy week came the fun and trauma of Valentine’s Grams. The student council sold lollipops taped to pink cards to the student body.
This seems like an easy task.
Except for the fact that it required missing the entirety of both my planning periods and a few of my teaching periods to organize and maintain.
Plus, there was the enjoyable heartache of teary-eyed teens without a sweet from their crushes.

Moving on a day or two and we land on the Valentines Dance.
Nothing to report there except loud bad music and terrible messes.
Glitter all over my classroom from the posters, streamers running down half the hallways, and giddy children hanging about.
Good stuff.

There was a whole big weekend thing here as well. With Eskimo Dancing and the like. But I think that story and the pictures that go with it will have to wait until another day.

With that all being said, my all too busy week is now over, leaving me with a wonderfully empty immediate future.

Alaska, eh? brrr...it was 80 and sunny here in Austin. ;)
Keep warm!
Flaunting your warm weather.

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