Friday, February 09, 2007

Sparks Again

Not too long ago I told you about the incidence of static electricity in the frigid north.
I have bad news; there has been a causality of the sparks in my own household.

I touched the DVD player. What ensued was a shockingly bright shower of sparks.
Ok, maybe just one bright blue charge, but I prefer the exaggeration.

The shock stunned my finger, even my hand, for a several minutes.

That pain went away. What didn’t disappear was the lasting effect on my slowly dieing machine.

The “eject” button is officially dead.

The one time I shuffled across the living room carpet in my brand new Valentine socks.
The one time I did not reach for the lamp or any of the metal objects littering my coffee table.
The one time I did not consider the annoyingly unique area in which I live.

Luckily the remote survived the blast.

The spark halted my ability to eject discs on command.
It halted my ability to switch movies without the pre-requisite all-out search for the remote control.

It halted my lazy life.

I hate electricity.

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