Saturday, February 17, 2007


One of the most embarrassing moments in an adolescent male’s life are those terrorizing few minutes when he is caught by his parental units with his porn collection.

My school just toped that embarrassment.

A 13 year-old boy came to our tech department with a computer related issue. His computer was shutting down without warning on a regular basis.
He needed a fix.

The tech department took his shiny little computer into the dungeon O’ electronics and began to work the problem.

They played with the software.
They checked the updates.
They checked the recent downloads.

Do you think you know what they might find? Do you think there was some type of crazy pictures of naked women plastered across his hard drive?

Well, you’re a bit wrong.

On a completely unrelated mission, they ejected the DVD residing in the player.

Can you guess what the DVD might have been?
Was it Finding Nemo?
Or Sleeping Beauty?
Or even Striptease?

None of the above.

It was none other than, Gang Bang Party III.

Ah, teenagers and their funny little movies.

I feel one hell of a grounding coming on…

I had the same problem, except it happened to me last week and I am 28. It's a shame, it's a damn shame!
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