Saturday, February 24, 2007


Holy Ninjas, Bat Man!

For the past few months I have dropped here and there hints about an upcoming trip. A trip to a distant far away land.
To south-east Asia.

For the past few months I have planned and mapped and daydreamed about pointy hats and elephants. I thought about the shiny things. Pretty color coded geopolitical maps filled my mind.

Now it is official. Moments ago I bought my plane tickets.
The tickets that will whisk me away from the cold and arctic to the tropical and rainforest-y.

The trip will involve landing in Bangkok, Thailand and backpacking my way on a counter-clockwise circle through Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, and Northern Thailand.
I will be there for a hair over one month. The end of May to the end of June.

I keep looking at my itinerary. As if it is not yet really real.
But it is! It really is!

Dude, I’m going to bloody Asia!

Very cool.
I'm going to Europe March 5-11.
But Asia is much cooler.
I'm still looking for one of those rice patty hats you like so much. Question: Are there really eskimos or is that politicaly incorrect, and is there a specific group or tribe? I loved Eskimo Bars. Are they still around? Probably called "Alaskan Indiginous People Bars" now Huh? ILU UM
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