Friday, February 09, 2007


Do you remember the child that stuck a pencil up his nose?
And sucked on the plugged in power cord?

Well, he has once again brightened my day with another of those crazy antics.

You see, he is very easily distracted. Often he is forced off task by giggling girls.
Or plotting boys.
Or loud noises.
Or prolonged quiet noises.
Or someone walking in the hallway

Or a passing cloud.

The longest running time for him to stay on one task is 2 minutes 27 seconds.
It was a great day.

So, this little Butterfly tends to end up at the front table to work.

The front table often sidelines as my desk. It is covered with the various different things that I need every so few mooments. Things like markers, pens, homework textbooks, tape, and staplers.

I walked around the room.
Like I always do. I walk around to check on the progress of students. To make sure they are working diligently and not drawing rude pictures of bunnies.

So I walked.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, I heard shriek of pain.
Coming from the front table.

There was Butterfly, grimacing. Holding a stapler and staring at him palm in shock.
There was a growing pair of blood drops forming on his hand.

Protruding from the red was a staple.

He had intentionally stapled his hand.
Just to see what would happen.

I know, in my heart, that he was the kid that would eat the elmer’s glue.
Maybe even stick his tongue to a cold pole once.
Or twice.

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