Friday, January 12, 2007

Pink Piggys

Sometimes in the morning I hear a weather report so astounding that I feel the need to post it.

As if you truly care about the weather up here.
Lucky for me, it’s my site and I will talk incessantly about the weather if I wish.
Or about kittens.
Maybe about kittens in inclement weather.

But, this post is not about kittens. It is only about meteorological conditions.

Without further ado, here is today’s weather report as heard on the morning radio.

“It is a ‘nippy’ -23 out there today.
With a wind chill of -63.”


That’s the kind of cold that makes you really regret your choice of footwear.
Little red tennis shoes are no match for this type of chill.

But I walked it anyway. I made the long journey* without proper foot attire. I braved the risk of frostbite to my “little piggys” out of shear laziness.

Boots require tying laces.
My Merrills can be slipped on. No knots necessary.

Toes are so cold.
Kind of like frozen kittens.

* like, 4 blocks!

I'll bet there are no brass monkeys up there! It was 60 degrees for 15 minutes in Cincy today....Snow Monday.. the 1st real snow this year!! Maybe a "Snow Day" off?? A 4 day weekend would be great. What's it take to get a "Snow Day" in Barrow?? Have you seen any Snow bikes up there. It would get your pink piggles off the ground. UM
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