Friday, January 19, 2007


I had just sat down at the table with a few of my more challenging learner.
Trying to make them understand the finer points of finding the percent of a given number.
I was still a long few minutes away from pulling my hair out.

When another educator tap tap tapped on my door.
I motioned for her to enter.

She had a big smile across her face, as if she had a secret just busting through. As if she was suppressing giggles

She leaned toward me and said, “I’ll watch your class. Go to the copy room.”

“Why?” I queried.

“There is a guy here, he is fixing the copy machine. You have to see him!” She almost blushed.

She was actually covering my class for a few moments so that I could check out the copy guy.

I grabbed a workbook to “copy” and headed out the door.

“Take your ponytail down!” she hollered behind me.

Ah, not only was she covering my class for the sake of man scouting, but I was getting a side of fashion advice as well.

Suddenly I felt dirty. In the real world this would be a terrible thing.
It would have a menacing title, like,
Sexual harassment.

But in our own defense, we live in a tiny place. Isolated from the world. With little “new blood.” You have to take every opportunity to acquire eye candy.
Even if those opportunities are a little… inappropriate.

As a side note, he was quite the looker.
But not quite enough to make me give him a special photocopy.

That was very funny... and a little unsettling... that the copy guy was the highlight of the school day.
The wonders of Alaskan villages.
You take what you can get.

The best part, he had all his teeth!
A true rarity!
Did you do'em in the copy room?
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