Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Change in Plans

It seems like things are changing faster than my brain can handle. As soon as I get a grip on the status quo, it up and switches on me.
It very stressful. Mildly confusing. And makes me a little dizzy.

My newest change in living conditions was quickly followed with a change of living conditions.

No sooner had the last of the 63 boxes been unpacked and neatly stowed did a friend of mine from a village far far away arrive for a visit.

Suddenly, I had two new faces, and was completely out of sleep-able furniture.
Unless you count the bathtub.
Which I do not.
One night in a bathtub and you too will rule them off the sleep-able lists.

But, crowding aside, we were looking forward to a fun week of gallivanting around Barrow, good conversation, and work (at least for me and the boy… village friend was still on Christmas vacation.)

All of this is easy to deal with. My mind can handle several days playing the part of a host. Even with a new room-mate to deal with.

But, not a moment after the arrival of vacationer, the phone rang.

On the other end was a desperate administrator.

A teacher from another school did not return from break. They were in dire need of another instructor.
The boy was to fly out immediately.

Which means. After two days of unpacking,
Two days of re-organizing,
Two days of chair stealing,
My roommate days were coming to a close.

He was on the flight yesterday. With all his boxes and his video games.
Then the vacationing teacher hopped on a plane this morning.

My house is now empty.

And, sadly, I have my recliner back.

There is a God! See! I think you were doubting?? UM
Hmmmm.... let's see.........
One the one hand, a room mate.....
One the other hand, the recliner is back!!

I'd bet you vote recliner!!!!

The recliner is a happy thing.

My tushy is all comfortable and warm in this happy little chair.
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