Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Snow Flakes Keep Falling


I am in Alaska. The land of all the snow you could ever want.
And then some.

There is snow covering every surface.
We have a eight foot pile outside my window.
Hell, it snowed about a foot this weekend.

The snow starts falling in late August and doesn’t melt until May. It just keeps piling up.

With all this snow, all this fluffy white stuff, do you realize that not one of my students had ever made snow ice cream.
In fact they were shocked at the idea that a person would collect and eat a bowl full of snow. They looked at me with quizzical stares.

How the hell could they have never eaten snow ice cream?
Or snow slushies.

Or snow martinis.

Ok, maybe that one is not shocking. But let me tell you, when ice is unavailable there is nothing better than a scope of snow in your glass.

Today in class we made snow ice cream. Milk and sugar covered the desks,
And the floor.
And all those little faces.

The mess aside, it was a successful day.
Though the a few of my angels decided it would be better with four times the daily recommended dose of pure refined sugar.
It made for hyper small ones and a very hectic end to the day.

You should melt some snow and put it under a microscope and see what is really in it. UM
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