Sunday, December 10, 2006

Green things

Once again I am here to amaze you with my exciting life.
The following are pictures of the "garden" growing in my classroom.

I tried to take some creative pictures. But I am not sure if they turned out creative or just strange.

These are peas. Saddly there are only about 5 at the moment. Not enough for a meal, but they sure do look cool.

In the agriculturally challanged city of Barrow there are not alot of supplies for a garden. So I make do with what I have.

This little pot of fun has an assortment of herbs. Unfortunatly, I forgot to lable them and my seriously non-green thumb is still having trouble identifing what they really are.
But, they're green. And still alive.
And that is all that's important.

I also have tomato plants and hot pepper plants, but they are a bit camera shy at the moment.
Aka: they are a bit wilty and small.

Sorry for the lack of anything interesting to post.
Maybe tomorrow...

Cool photo of the peas.
You should print it out, put it in a nice frame then sell it in some pricey gallery for $3,000.
Actually, if you call it native Alaskan art you could prolly get more.
But could you really consider a picture of peas to be native alaskan?
We don't get alot of the green stuff...

now, maybe if it was strips of seal meat or salmon berries...
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