Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Decorating for the holidays

There have been no events to note this week.
Mostly I have just been watching the clock, waiting for it to turn Friday the 15th at 6.
(That’s when my flight to Florida takes off.)

I have thought good and hard about something, anything, to write. Something exciting, something profound, something interesting.

Nothing came to mind.

So, with a lack of anything else I will tell you the saga of a paper cut.
Feel free to stop reading at any point now.

Yesterday my classroom was filled with giggling preteens with nothing to do. They were hanging out after school waiting for open gym to start.

Unfortunately, they were my good students. Meaning that though they giggled often, they had their homework done and no make-up work to worry about.
Which meant I had to entertain them.
Or risk them reeking havoc on my “nearly clean” classroom.

After casting out for ideas, inspiration struck.
They could make Christmas decorations!
They loved the idea and quickly were rummaging for markers, paper, and the dreaded glitter.

I was just sitting down to grade a treacherous pile of papers, the end of the quarter in fast approaching, and the papers to be graded just keeps on building up, when they asked for something else.

“Do you have any green construction paper?”

“Sure,” I said as I rose again from the comfort of my desk. The green construction paper was still in its plastic wrapping and was resting on the top shelf.

I pulled it down and, using my fingernail, began to slice the packaging open.

That’s when I felt a strange resistance. A slowly growing dull pain radiated from my finger. Then it became a sharp pain.
Then it became a bloody mess.

I had sliced my finger with thick construction paper right under the nail.

It bled for hours. Or at least 5 minutes.

Through all the tingling ouchyness I had only one thought. “Blood on green construction paper makes for festive decoration.”

Now, don’t you regret reading this?
Do you know understand the dullness of my week?

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