Monday, November 06, 2006

Yippee ki yi yeah!

Oh joy of joys! The week from Hades has just been completed.
I know that this seems like a strange thing to exclaim on a Monday, but truly, this is a great day for the world!

The perilous piles of paperwork, will, in a few short hours, be turned in and celebrations will ensue!

A weekend full of form after form after poker after form has ended and the busy work that has kept me up at night will be gone from my desk!

Maybe I am too excited about it.
I can’t stop from giggling every time I think about how free and stress-less my evenings are about to become.

In fact, I am so very pumped about it all that I can’t sit still long enough to get those final forms filled in.
This could be bad.

I think the light at the end of the tunnel has me blinded.
And you can’t do paperwork if you’re blind.

Unless it’s brail.
But even then, the handwriting would probably be all wonky.

This could make for a disastrous evening.
Bad me.

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