Monday, November 20, 2006

Turky Day

I have not had a traditional, normal, Thanksgiving in quite awhile.
When I was younger we used to fill up on carved dead flightless birds and cooked juicy bread crumbs. Sometimes we would hit more than one Thanksgiving dinner during the holiday.

Just like everyone else.

Then something happened. I’m not really sure what, but as my sister and I grew older the traditional Thanksgiving seemed to fly right out the window.

I remember one November feast of Chinese Take-out on a beach in Florida.
Then there was that Mexican fiesta a few years ago in Phoenix.

And of course the most memorable of all, chips and French onion dip while watching a Buffy the Vampire Slayer marathon, alone.
That was a good day.

This year I am heading into Anchorage for fun times in the big city. In just two short days I hop on a plane that will take me to the land of shopping and pavement.
And people.

Though I have no idea what Thanksgiving has in store for me this year, I do know that it probably involves a fair amount of wine.
Or vodka.

2 days. That is two days too long.

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