Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Sun

There are still a few more days left before the rising and setting of the sun stops.
(It sets for the last time this Saturday the 18th.)

so, I decided to scamper outside during my planning period to snap one of the last sunsets of the year.

This shot was taken at 1:12 this afternoon.

Hi Jodi, Since the sun "sets" the last time on the 18th, and the shortest day of the year is the 20th of December, does it start to rise again in a couple of weeks? We miss you in FL where it's 80 today and 60 at night!!!! Aline and Keith
no silly.
for the next many weeks the sun will not come up.

but it will venture close to the horizon. kinda dawn like.
on dec. 20th (and the days around then) it won't even bother to do that. it will, instead, just hide on the other side of the whole.

no, i hate to say it, but from november 18th to january 22nd, this will be the place that the sun don't shine.
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