Friday, November 10, 2006

Happy Teeth

On the 18th of this month the sun goes away.
In 8 days there will be nothing but deep dark and the occasional dusky light.

It will all be like a vampire’s paradise.

I like Vampires. They make me happy.

But, I don’t know that my love of the teeth-y creatures-of-the-night will compensate for the lack of sun.
Plus, there is the cold. And vampires really don’t like the cold.
They’re cold-blooded
Or no blooded.

Anyway, I already walk to school in the dark.
And home from school in the dark.
And just about everywhere else.

Really, the only time I see what might pass for the sun is in the middle of the afternoon out my classroom window. Which is a bitter sweet sight.
The pretty pink, purple, and blue bands of sunrise at noon while I am stuck indoors unable to frolic in the UV rays.

Luckily it’s currently 8 degrees outside, so I am not too tempted to call in sick for work and run to the beach for some sun worshiping fun.

I just press my face against the window. Hoping for some accidental beams.

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