Friday, November 24, 2006


About 40 miles away from the hotel is a glacier. 40 miles on a well kept highway.

This happy and would be short drive should have taken 2 hours.
Round trip.

But, if you stop every half a mile to take pictures and pee in bushes, the drive may take significantly longer.

Almost 5 hours of driving and taking pictures of mountains.
It was absolutly beautiful. The colors and peaks and rivers and trees.
Very pretty stuff.

But, after awhile all the mountains just look the same.

Here is one of the many mountain pictures.

After a longer that necessary drive we arrived at the glacier. We didn’t get very good shots of it due to the fact that the best vantage point was across a rather large and very frozen lake.
We walked part of the way across but, because of my supreme instability on shiny smooth ice, decided it would be safer to take the picture and leave the ice.

This is a little bit of a glacier.

All in all, it was a great trip. Though the destination was a bit lame, it really was the journey that mattered.

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