Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Tomorrow is the day.
Tomorrow has been talked about all afternoon.
Tomorrow can mean a lot of good things and a lot of bad.

Tomorrow the PFD checks come out.
(That’s Permant Fund Dividend to you non-Alaskan folk.)

Every year the Alaskan government gives a check to every resident of this great state. From the smallest baby to the oldest elder. This is a day that is hotly anticipated.
The problem is what some people choose to do with this check.

One of my students has big plans of new trumpets and a fix for his 4-wheeler.
One believes he will be able to buy a plane ticket to visit his mother in Anchorage.

The adults however often set heir sights on other things.

The bootleggers will be out in force this weekend. You can already see evidence of their presence.
The past few days have been marked by more and more alcoholic disturbances. Shouting fights in the streets. Drunk drivers.
That killed who died in a 4-wheeler crash a few days ago. (He was not sober at the time of the accident)

I have yet to see PDF time in a “big city” such as this. I have heard rumors of the problems that can and will occur.

Tomorrow is coming.
Tomorrow should be fun.

Oh what a wonderful state! They send YOU checks $$$$. Got your booze license,yet? Maybe you could buy an Ice Bike to get around on. I'll ck with the USPO to see if we can send booze thru the mail. At least til you find a body to keep you warm thru the cold winter. I saw program on Artic igloo building the other day
very interesting, but not bear proof. Love ya UM
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