Friday, October 06, 2006


This one is about my momma.

Later today my mother comes into town.
And will be staying for just over a week.

She has never been to a place such as this and I am a little worried about her.
Last night we talked on the phone. She was packing and had many packing related questions.
Like what clothing to bring, what shoes to wear.

We currently have one 1 inch to 3 inches of snow on the ground. She wants to bring her cute little clogs.

The mean income up here is what she spends on her car payments.
And she wants to bring her diamonds and gold.

She thinks I am not going to make her eat muktuk. (remember kids, this is whale blubber)

I think my mom is going to have a good time in the frigid north. She’s flying up from the 80-degree heat in Tucson to cool off in the high 20’s.

She is currently on one plane or another flying far from civilization.

Should be interesting.

And on a related note, the weather reports are calling for blizzard conditions this weekend.

Dude, why didn't she come to Akiuk? THAT would have been an adventure.
HA! Sounds like it is going to be a fun week. Sad that my mother couldn't even see me in Savannah, but yours will fly to the end of the world...lucky!

Tell Mom I said hi!
Awe... welcome Momma MacFarland. I too am bummed I did get to meet you in the Tundra Triangle
Well, mom is here now. she is finding is cold.
she is also suprised at the snow.

and she claims to be a reader of this site...
Hi Jody ! Give MOM a birthday hug for me. A polar bear hug!! A bday
dinner of potluck mukluk sounds like just what the doc ordered. I am putting together an Alaska survival kit for you to help you thru the winter. E-mail your mail address to me. Mom has my e-mail.
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