Friday, October 27, 2006

Tingling Taste Buds

My foot does not taste good.
Toe jam is not as jammy as the name implies.
There is a sweet and sour taste to my heal after a long a on my feet.

And you should savor the insole.

Therefore, I have decided to refrain from putting my foot into mouth in the future.

No more mid morning toe treats by the copy machine.

There have been interesting things occurring at my place of employment, and since I have no internal control over what comes hurling from my vocal cords, I have decided to disallow anything from coming out.

I think it is the best course of action.

I think that I will be exploding within the month.

huh? was that english? or jody language? i am confuzzled
Jody, Reread "Teacherman". UM
sorry for the cryptic Jody-speak.
yesterday i was a little confused.
stuff at work is getting, well, interesting.
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