Monday, October 09, 2006

Just another post about the weather

It’s windy.
Really quite windy.

Projected winds are to blow 70 miles an hour.

The ocean is all choppy and crazy.
Telephone polls and lampposts are bending and swaying.

The sky is looking down in an all-together threatening manner.

Some teachers are even making serious comments about how school should have been canceled today. The wind could pick up one of the littlest or even medium sized hooligans and carry them off.
Which would be bad. Right?

There is currently a power line, torn free from the house, whipping around in this blustery day.

They have canceled after school activities for the weather.

One of my students woke up this morning and looked out her window. Imagine her surprise when she saw a large mattress on her front porch.
Yeah, it’s a little windy,

Maybe I'll just get an umbrella and fly away in a Poppins-like fashion.

We need an update on how MOM liked Alaska. We know how she likes you. Is she ready to move up?? Is she looking for a job?? She could open a restaurant serving SKYLINE to the Eskimos(is that politically correct)or should I say natives. But, then again, she has already done that! The natives in OK didn't much care for it. Ha Ha UM
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