Monday, October 16, 2006

Bursting Bubbles

So, moms out of the house. She flew out yesterday and arrived back home this morning.
10 days sharing my apartment was not all that long, but when you consider the fact that my apartment is not that large, it becomes more of an issue.

This has nothing to do with my mother herself, but to do with sharing space*. Having mom in town was great fun, we were able to just hang more than we have in quite awhile.
But there is something to be said for living alone.

I am not good at sharing space. I like to have my things in their places. I have my things around my chair. In my quirky OCD way.
Think of a personal bubble, except mine is about 12 feet in all directions.
Much of my apartment includes oddly placed things but they are very logical in my odd-ish mind. People have a tendency to move and touch my things when they are in my space.

They seem to think that Nutella should not be on the end table. Or that the lone spoon on a stack of books is in need of moving.

Or repeatedly question my lack of salt.

Anyway, space.
As soon as her taxi sped off I sunk into my recliner, feet up, enjoying silence in the room. Then, in one swift motion I kicked off my pants and turned on a movie.

There is nothing better than laying in front of the tube in your skivvies.
So I sat. I sat without so much as a twitch of motion for several peaceful hours.

Then I remembered the fact that though it was the weekend, it was the end of the weekend. And I actually had to work.
Damn lesson planning, ruining my fun.

Well at least I could lay on the floor in those same skivvies, lesson planning while eating rice pudding direct from the carton.
With that sad lone spoon.

* Though, note about my mother… mom spent much of her time here cleaning and straitening my place, just to leave it trashed in the wake of her packing. Clothing strewn, dirty plates in the sink, paperwork on the floor. The usual thing that I abhor and avoid, cleaning.**

** Don’t worry mom, I’ll leave the dishes for if/when you come back in the spring.

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