Friday, September 15, 2006

What's in a Name

I have been known to have nicknames. My nicknames are rarely flattering. They are rarely something you would want to write home about.
Though, I tend to write about them anyway. I’m very mock-able.

You all remember my nicknames from last year.
“The Farting Kassik.”
“Ody-J Arted-Fa”
“Ms. McFartland”

These nicknames make me proud to stand up and say, “Name change, anyone.”

This year I decided to eliminate the possibility of last year’s last monikers. You see, my last name lends itself to be warped and twisted into something more gassy. By the simple addition of one letter you can make my name take on a life of its own.

And a 12 year-old mind can figure this out long before I have time to let them see the true nature of my intestinal tract.

So, to avoid the inevitable warping of my family name I have chosen to take on a new one.

The year I go by Ms. Mac.

My new name has been great.

Though now I have new nicknames.

Ms. McDonald, which is funny because only a few of my students have ever even seen one of these fast food chains.

Big Mac, my tushy took this name a little personally.

And my personal favorite:

Mac Ten

I am a MacDonald, and you, my fair lady, are no MacDonald.

I can understand why you'd want to be one of us, though. We do rule.
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