Monday, September 04, 2006

Two For the Price of One

There are many cool things about living in a place like Barrow.
There are all kinds of nifty animals and interesting activities. Whale hunting, fishing, and seals all around.

But more than the dead animals I have talked about on numerous occasions, occasionally there are live ones out there.

Tonight was awesome.

I was dragged out to a bon fire by some friends. It was quite a-ways past the football field and the place where the barges comes in, out in the middle of nowhere. The fire warmed us all greatly, staving off the chill of arctic winds.

Close to the beach we laughed and joked and possibly drank a few beers.

Suddenly, there was a noise out in the water. A splashing.
One of the guys grabbed a spot light and shined it toward the water. Right off the shore there was something protruding from the icy depths.

A fin!
A whale!

There was a freaking whale! I finally saw a freaking whale.
Several of them. Frolicking just off shore.

They blew water in great spouts, flashed their fins, and splashed about in a generally happy way.

I jumped in jubilation! I giggled! I clapped in a manically joyous way.

Then a few moments after my very first whale sighting there was a shout from the group. This time people were pointing to the sky.

The northern lights! Streaks of green crossed the dark sky.
Lighting up the area in interesting patterns. It was beautiful and fascinating and exciting.

Seriously, tonight was the best night ever!

Wow, how exciting!!! To be honored Twice in one night!! Aline
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