Thursday, September 21, 2006

It keeps going and going and going

This is the fourth of my 12-hour days.

My fourth and not my last. Long, long days. After teaching for a tiring number of hours a weary person wants nothing more than go home, prop their feet up, zone out on something mindless, and have a stiff drink.

However, this week has not allowed for those kind of relaxing practices.

This week has been,
Parent teacher conference week.

Technically, parent teacher conferences should only be two days long. But due to new management there are fun and fresh time-consuming things to be done. Stretching the traditionally stressful-enough 5 minute quickies to hour long meetings that details the student’s performance, goals, and requiring much in the way of paperwork.

What does that mean for me and my happy two-day conferences?

The two-day fun has been stretched to two weeks.
That’s right, two weeks. Two weeks of staying after school until my evening is nothing but a few minutes before bedtime.

Two weeks of extra duty and extra work.

Two weeks of talking to people who would rather not talk to me.

It has been great. I am almost half way through my incarceration.

I hate that word, almost.

Like, I almost had time to have dinner tonight or I almost bathed recently*.

*The bathing thing, well, that’s almost a joke. For the past night or two I have fallen asleep out of sheer exhustion on the couch before getting all clean and shiny. The mornings don’t make for good showering times owing to the fact that I am addicted to the snooze button.
Plus a 5 minute walk in 30 degree weather with wet hair** is not a favorite past time of mine.

**I don’t actually have a hair dryer. And no, mom, I don’t want one.

one hair dryer on the way-mom
errr, exactly when did "minute" turn into "minuet"? and i always thought 4th was spelling fourth, not forth.
never teach my children jody. i bed of you.
but i still love you.
Spelling? Why should I spell things goodly?
I am a Science and Math teacher. We never have to spell.
Plus, I have all of you humble editors to fix me.

By the by Shell, grammatically speaking, that was not the most imprseesive comment i have ever seen you make.
didn't even notice that one. uh oh, foot in mouth. alright fine. i'll quit buggin you about the spelling thing. at least for a couple days...
I win again!
Nothing in the verse can stop me!
Well, except for that "exhustion"... and in your comments jody where you say "imprseesive". Not really sure about that one...

Okay, on to the actual comment... dude that sucks! I suppose you don't want to hear about my two-day conferences where I was done with conferences on day one?
Sounds like a day of school bus driving to me with the YMCA newtown group. To shell: It's the AADD acting up. Reading her blog is an adventure in more ways than one. Keep it up JODY!! We love it. I have saved all your blog since day one so your future kids will see it,..... spelling and all. UM
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