Sunday, September 10, 2006


I have been asked for a follow up to my story of the alcohol search.
After digging through the trash, fingers squishing into unimaginable grime, we finally threw in the towel. Accepting the fact that the money order is gone and will never return.

We made other plans, wrote other checks. We made arrangements to somehow get back the runaway funds.

The following day, with the stench still lingering on my over-washed fingers, I check my email.
My neighbor sent me a message. She found that missing money order, in her desk, at school.

So, the order is in and a few short days from now I will have a few bottles of something yummy.

Thanks to all of you and your support in this trying time.

YAY!!!!! Success!!!!! Drinks are on their way!!! Life is so simple, isn't it??? klm
Woohoo! Congrats!! :-D

(spoken with a touch of jealousy from here in decidedly un-damp Nunap...)
i would almost prefer the life of an in-damp town.

but i at least understand why it was always so difficult to secure even the tiniest drop in Bethel.
Sounds like you got the job done. When i get homewe either have o come up there or you have to come here so we can go get a drink with out all the hassles that we are put through just to get a damn drink.
i can't believe you dorkuses looked through all that caribou crap :P

btw, i ran into Rachel this weekend! i kinda forgot she came up to this area. she of course thinks that you are nuts for teaching in alaska.

and can't you just order alcohol from any place online, does it have to be the one place? that license just sounds like fluffy poop
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