Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Weekend Fun

This past weekend two things of note occurred.

The first was the introduction of the Arctic’s first football team.
They played hard.
And lost valiantly.
Or painfully, depending on how close you watched the game.

There was a chilly breeze sweeping off the ocean, it snowed fairly regularly, and the hot chocolate was in constant supply.

The boys played like they had never played a game in their life. Which, I suppose, they never have.

Later that evening I was dragged out on the town by a few interesting new people. First we hit the dance.
The Barrow dance is held every few weeks at our roller skating rink. You must be over 18 to attend and on the night in question it was almost deserted with only a few inebriated adults swaying on the dance floor.

It was interesting, to say the least, to see so many with bottles and cans, paper bagged, and tucked in jackets.

We then left the dance (at 2:30 in the morning. It was actually getting dark) and headed across town. One of my party’s uncles was having a bon fire. More drunkenness.
This time with fire.

Here, I was taught some new things. As the fire blazed behind me, my new friends taught me some naughty Inupiat words.
If you want to know them, you will have to call me, because there is no way I am even going to attempt the spelling. But, I now know the word for boobies, girl parts, and boy parts,
Go me, and my new vocabulary.

By the time I made it back at home it was nearly 5:00 am and my entire body reeked of the worst kind of bon fire. (It was decided at one point in the evening, by a few far from sober folks, that a broken rolly chair was better served as fodder for the fire than it was for sitting. The stench was amazing.)

It was a good night.

It's interesting that the body parts words were the first words they felt necessary to teach you. Is there more to the story than we got! I like their priorities!!
Ya gotta keep warm up there. UM
Soo, I see alchohol is allowed there!! Very interesting... Aline
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