Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Moving In

Alright, I have finally mostly unpacked and am semi-settled in my new apartment.
There are still a few piles of nonsense and half empty boxes scattered around.
I’ll get to them.
By Christmas.

Some things are still not here.
Like my big blanket, my winter gear, and all my teaching supplies.

No worries.
I have a few more days before school starts and at least a month until the winter gear is necessary, I hope…

It is chilly up here. The type of weather that makes hoodies and jeans the wardrobe of choice.

I spent the day wandering around the house, staring at those aforementioned half empty boxes. And did a little random shopping, eggs, nails, bread, bed sheets.

I found out that the sheets I brought, thinking they were queen, were actually double. Then after purchasing the queen sized sheets, I found that my bed is actually a king. And my original pseudo-queen sheets were in fact queen.

It has been a good day.

So, this evening I wandered up to the beach.
By the way, I love the fact that I live on a beach.

I stared out at the ocean, felt the crisp ocean breeze on the few square inches of exposed skin and deeply regretted that I had forgotten my gloves.

Don’t misunderstand, it is not entirely too frigid up here thus far, but with the breeze and the fact that I am 350 miles north of the Arctic Circle, fingers can get a little frosty.

But, I braved the wind and took a few pictures of the area.
I know I already posted some pictures of the wetness to the north, but these are better.

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