Thursday, August 10, 2006

Jumping in

Jumping in
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Well, yesterday I did the deed.
I took the plunge.

I jumped into the icy depths of the Arctic Ocean.

It was a little chilly.
In a “it makes you feel like you really can’t breath for about 20 seconds and your bodily muscles lose all feeling and coordination” kind of way.

I will be getting a badge and a certificate to prove that I did indeed do like the polar bears do.

Comments: the bear took the picture?? LOL! Love your blog!! Aline
Cool!!!! Really cool, I'll bet.

Thanks for the picture!! Now you have to, drive a dog sled, eat seal,wrestle a polar bear(for the necklaces), and pan for gold. Then, you will have some Alaskan stories to tell your kids and us. Of course, we want pics of all. UM
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