Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Here it comes

Today is the third day of school.
I had had every intention of getting back to how it used to be with stories of school, students, and gas.
A colorful “first few days” post.

But something else caught my attention.

Now I realize that I do in fact live above the Arctic Circle. And an area such as this has a reputation of being a bit cold.
Ice bergs and polar bears.

But still, a part of me still believes that there is a time for everything. Seasons that have a general start and end point. A line that some weather should not cross.

I am, as always, wrong again.

Today, after rolling out of bed, a little on the late side. I hurried out the door to find something strange.
On the ground.

Now, this light layering of snow was really more of a dusting. Just enough to make a foot print in, but no hopes of snowball-y fun.

I guess it really should come as no surprise, but damnit, I was surprised.
Freaking snow, in August, who would-a thought?

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