Friday, August 18, 2006

First week

Well, look at that!
The kiddies all just frolicked on their way. They scampered and scurried, escaping the school and all of its school like ways.
The staff let out a collective sigh of relief. And they too began to scamper and scurry, except in a much more lethargic way.

The first week of school just ended.

It was a pretty good first week. The kids are just as kids should be. Slightly rambunctious, very chatty, and morbidly giggly.

My teacher muscles hurt. These muscles include the feet muscle, the brain muscle, and the back of the leg muscle.
That’s right, I teach biology.

My lessons went over fairly well. I actually think that I might have taught something. Which, when dealing with prepubescent kids just off of a two month break from their brains, is quite a feat.

So, between the snow, the early mornings, name learning of 20 some tiny teenage wanna-be’s, and the fun with computers, I’m beat.
I am going to scamper frolic and scurry away from this place and not come back till I am good and rested.
Or tomorrow afternoon… to lesson plan for next week.. which ever comes first.

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