Tuesday, July 11, 2006

When Summer Goes On

The summer started with a rush.
Here there and everywhere.

I ran around, from state to state, place to place, like it was my job.
Like a chicken with a missing head.

Now, I have moved into the slow and pointless part of the summer.
There is no more impending trips and I am forced to actually buckle down and do the “work” stuff.
Like, think about moving.
Like, packing.
Like, consider lesson plans.

I haven’t done anything all that exciting recently. I have been living the easy life, shopping, sleeping, shopping.

We went to the opening of Pirates of the Caribbean. Dressed as pirates, of course.
Though, I did look more like a biker than a pirate, but I think the message still got across.

Today I went with my uncle to the gun range.
My hand is still a bit sore from the more powerful recoils, but it was a good time.

Early next week my mother and sister arrive in town.
Maybe something fun or interesting or mildly write-worthy will occur.

Republicans that play with guns wet the bed.
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