Saturday, July 01, 2006


Hello All,
I have receive more than one phone call or email asking me when the next post will come. I am sorry. I have been in the land without internet for the past week.

Mark Twain once said, "when the world ends, I want to be in Cincinnati. Everything happens there ten years late."

The great Mark Twain was wrong.

The place to be is Cleveland. I was amazed at the way it hasn't changed since I lived there in my youth.

I asked my friend if she knew where I could find WiFi.
She asked me what that was.

I asked the clerk at a hotel if they had WiFi.
Her eyes glazed in confusion. "What's WiFi?"

So I have been lacking the net. Painful, I know.

Currently, I am in the house of a good friend, having a few too many drinks, and attempting to write.

My fingers, loose from the bottle, are making it difficult to type. So here I will end.

Soon there will be true posts, with actual stories and possibly a laugh or two.


You were staying in our neighborhood without wifi???? You should have come over to our house and sat on the deck; your computer could have reached our "wifi" without encryption and you would have been ONLINE.

Cleveland. Boo.

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