Friday, July 21, 2006

My hero

I found the following article. And with it I found my new heros.
My new reasons for going on each day.
My reason to look at this big scary world with a smile on my face and a spring in my step.

I know that the planet is having a bit of a bad few days at the moment. And the tensions overseas are reminiscent of Armageddon.

But, if these two girls can make it work, the rest of us have no reason to disagree.

(This article was written by Paul Bustamente for the some news organization)
(I did basterdize it for my own selfish purposes. Some of the more pointless content was omitted in favor of a more poignant and touching story.)

“Peace reigns at least at the Miss Universe 2006 contest, where beauties Miss Lebanon and Miss Israel are the "best of friends" despite the bloody fighting between the two countries back home, their companions said.

"The fact that Miss Lebanon and Miss Israel can be friends ... people can see that it sets a wonderful example," said Miss Canada, Alice Panikian.

"Something similar happens between Miss Greece and Miss Turkey, whose countries also do not get along," she pointed out.

Rached, 20, is a 1.8 meter (five feet nine inches) tall brunette with dark Arab looks born in Beirut. She is studying for a masters degree in language interpretation, hoping to work for the United Nations one day.

Her blonde Israeli counterpart Entin, 21, originally came from Ukraine and emigrated to Israel when she was 13. She plans to enter university next year and is interested in psychology.

"They are so lovely, and they don't have any problem," said one of the early favorites for the Miss Universe crown, Miss Australia Erin McNaught.”

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