Saturday, July 29, 2006

First Day in Barrow

This will be a short post.
I have not the time for a long story of traveling pain or the humor or lost baggage.

Instead, I am going to show you a few pictures of the place I now call home.

This is the building I live in. I am on the second floor.
My apartment is like a wet dream.

Where the last place I lived was small and cramped, and cell-like.
This one is like a real place to live. With doors on the bedroom and bathroom, and closets, and nightlights that don't double as oven clocks.

When I walked into my apartment building yesterday, the first thing I did is comment on the heat.
It was sweltering in there.
They simply said, "The heats not on. These places are just built to stay warm."
I am going to be grateful for that in a few months.

Two blocks from my house is a beach. The Arctic Ocean.
Those are icebergs.

This is the grocery store. It has milk and veggies that are not past their expiration date.
It is so bloody cool.

Ok, that all for now. Once I get phone and internet in my home I will post all those fun stories that have happened thus far and those that are soon to occur.

We want a picture of you IN the Artic Ocean with icebergs in the background, before summer is over and the Ocean freezes over. I'll thank you in advance. UM
In all fairness, you ARE comparing a hub city in an area where schools once enjoyed vast oil revenue-based funding to a small village in an area whose school district never enjoyed said fundage. ;-)

But it looks hella-cool!
you left me. i can't believe it. i thought we were going to be married and live happily ever after and ride into the sunset.
you cad
Dude, I got just one word for ya...


I definitely want to hear all your stories- or rather read about all your adventures. I hope you love it.
I feel quite abandoned too. But that's my little girl, leaving the tiny village life and heading off into the big city of Barrow. I look forward to hearing ALL about the north slope. Can I be the first to request pictures of the pool. THAT'S what I am more envious of.
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