Thursday, June 08, 2006

Vacation-y Fun

There is no better time of year to a teacher than the wonders of summer vacation.
I still have the joy of a steady paycheck without the pain and suffering of actually working.
There is nothing better than a work-free payday.

Instead of doing the 9 to 5 like all my friends out there I have been traveling around and attempting to relax.

Here is a run down of what the summer has brought me thus far:

- I spent a week lounging in the sand and poolside at a friend’s beach house in Florida.

- I got an attractively bright and bumpy case of sun poisoning across my neck, chest, and arms.

- I went to the auto mechanics to get a new tire and a little oil change and left with a new set of 300 dollar brakes.

- I visited a friend’s family in North Carolina where I taught a 9 year old to skateboard and spent more than a few hours in a dive bar being chatted up by every guy there over the age of 45.

- As I performed my typical role as DD from the aforementioned bar, my friend’s brother (also known as “mailbox” due to his profession as a post man) rambled on from the backseat. After a 20 twenty minuets of incessant chatter he paused and said, “This is Mailbox, signing off.” Within a matter of moments (approximately 7 seconds) the sounds of snoring emanated from behind me.

- I drove for so many hours my ass actually took on the same shape and creases as the driver’s seat of my car. I have leather lines on my derrière.

- I then visited Illinois, where I dropped off my driving buddy and, for the first time in my life, was high-fived for resisting peer-pressure. (by the same person who had poured it on thick for a number of hours.)

- Now I sit in Indiana. Relaxing in a good friend’s house, being attacked by a pysco bird and jittery puppy while watching 7th Heaven. Honestly, it’s the best day yet!

I love summer vacation!

With just less than two months of work-free bliss before me, I can’t help but wonder what will happen next. The only thing I know about so far is a mid-month trip to New York City, followed almost immediately by a road trip to Cleveland.

well now i don't have to feel bad about not getting in touch with you yet :)
i'm working like a mofo this weekend, a lovely 24 hours all crammed into 3 days, yes!
i know amy Has to have had that kid, but i know nothing :/

so lemme know when you're around n such, i actually have saturday off next weekend but i may go home to danville (wanna come? HA), though i don't want to

when are you going back to nowhere land? and how far north is barrow in comparison to where you were.... whywhywhy There?!? :D
To Kristen: Barrow is 350mi above the Artic circle on the Artic ocean. It' a little above the latitude of northern Siberia. Can get down to 80 degrees below zero in the winter and summer temps are between 20 and 40 degrees F. A nice steak at grocery can cost $35 and a gallon of milk is $7.50. It is a cooool place,tho. Brrrrrrr UM
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