Thursday, May 04, 2006


High school boys are too cool for school.
Middle school boys truly believe that they are god’s gift.

And yet, as I sit in for morning duty, a strange sight is before me.
All the boys over the age of 13 are sitting on the benches in the gym, watching the smallest of the small play kick ball.

More than that that are laughing and cheering them on. I heard the phrase “So cute” slip from the lips of a 16 year-old hoolagan.

They giggled when the ball flew over the tiny heads.
They chuckled when the littles’ scampered back and forth.

“Awe! Look! So funny!”

These boys could, at times, rival Hell’s Angels in the “Devil Without a Cause” competition.
And yet, right now they are more likely to win “Aunt Betties Knitting Circle Award for Soft and Cuddly Kittens”.

Ah, the joy of teenagers. As much as they try to convince me otherwise, I think there might be some real people in that group.

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