Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I have mentioned before about my student’s need to set me up with every male that walks through the school’s doors. Apparently, I am not the only one suffering from these blind hook-ups.

The following is a story related by a fellow non-married teacher.

A student walks up to the teacher; “you should go to prom with Math Guy.”

The teacher asks cautiously, “Why should we go to prom together?”

“He’s a man, and you’re a women.” The student said with a shrug.

Well DUH.

And then you'll get married.

When are you expecting the babies to start coming?
There will be NO babies.... not for a few years at least.
-fellow non-married teacher

(notice the *still* non-married part)
oh anonymous, you know that the babies will come soon.
16 of them, point of fact.
I think there will be 16 GESTATIONS. There will be more babies because of the multiples (twins, triplets, etc) thrown in the mix.
how shall I say this so that it is clearer... um..

there will NOT be 16 gestations, nor 16 kids, nor any other double digited amounts of children.

I like kids, I do.. otherwise why am I a teacher? But I do not want kids now. And I believe, no....I KNOW there is a certain someone out there that would agree with me...

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