Tuesday, April 18, 2006

while i was gone...

The break in posting was due to my mini-vacation in Anchorage.

I went to the Alaskan Teacher Placement job fair.

I ate some excellent sushi.

I saw “Lucky Number Sleiven” and was only a little tipsy upon arrival.

I shopped until my wallet cried.

I was kept awake by a screaming drunk outside my hotel as she threw a temper tantrum, broke a window, and was arrested by some very annoyed cops for almost two hours in the middle of the bloody night.

I had a very tasty Turkish lunch.

I was stuck for an extra day in Anchorage when they canceled my flight out thanks to a storm raging in Bethel.

I was not too sad about that.

I had a damn good martini (gin, dirty, three olives)

I managed to make a flight back to the village a day late and in time to teach a half a day.

A good time was had.

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