Friday, April 28, 2006

what if...

Again i have found inspiration in one of my pre-teen authors.
Here is a gem from N.A.

The prompt was, "What if you woke up and it was the year 3000?"

If I woke up tomorrow and it was the year 3000 it would be like long roads. Bridges to Akula, roads to Nunap, and Atmautluak, roads to Bethel. Roads and bridges every where.
We would have flushing toilets instead of honey buckets. And showers and bathtubs and water in sewer that would be way better than honey buckets and pond waters. I’d have shower every day and have bath every single day.
And I might have got out of school and I’m old enough to get a car or snow machine or boat or four wheeler or plane or dirt bike.

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