Friday, April 21, 2006

Passing... something

Many, many months ago I chaperoned a speech event to Bethel.
During that time, late one night, I made a crucial mistake.
I farted. In the same room as 10 giggling girls.
This has all been written about in the past. It is not a new story to my faithful readers.

However, time has now passed.
Many months.

Currently, in my classroom are two students that had been too young to attend speech.
They asked me if I would chaperone next year.

“You guys want to join speech next year?” I asked.
“No.” They answer, “we just want to hear you fart!”

Yes, pre-teens are obsessed with bodily functions. Someone on my bus will cut a rose (fart) and they all go wild, and sometimes unjustly blame it on me! UM
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