Thursday, April 27, 2006

My Battle Cry

This week has been bad for posting.
Actually, this week has been bad for a lot of things.

I managed to pick up a cold in the beginning of the week. I still maintain that it was the bird flu.
Though that diagnosis seems doubtful at this point.
I haven’t been around too many birds… actually there just haven’t been too many birds around here, yet.

Then, coming up this Saturday is the Praxis II.
Now, for you non-teaching folk, the Praxis II comes in all different shapes and sizes. But all in all, it is a test.
A standardized test, created by monkeys to find out if the many years fun filled student loans actually taught us what is necessary to teach other monkeys of a much shorter stature.

I have already taken, and thankfully, passed the Praxis II in the subject matter I went to school to teach. However, a happy little loop hole in the No Child Left Behind act allows a person who can pass that test, with or without a student loan filled background in the material to become certified.
(This does not mean that one can forego the entire stint in college. It simply makes it possible to add an area of endorsement to your previously aquired certification without the years of extra nap time. I mean, years of extra college classes.)

Which is cool. Because,
I, the mathematical dunce, have a dream!

I have a dream that one day I too could be a math teacher!

For the past few months, or more accurately, the latter part of this week, I have been putting my nose to the grind stone. Studying all of the numerical nonsense I was too cool, rather, too lazy to study back in high school.

I have filled my head with quadraticly linear geometric vertices and the cosines of irrational imaginary multiples.
Or something.

With any luck, my trusty calculator and I will face the demon that has haunted me for most of my educational career.

I will face Math! And I will be victorious!
Or I will be taking the test again in June…

i think the coldness up there has finally frozen your brain if you're attempting math.
Your mind is wired for art and not for math. We shall see. Good luck.
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