Wednesday, April 19, 2006

How to clear a room

There was a group of students playing in my room.
Coloring on my board.
Talking at me.

Being, all and all, a pain in my off-duty butt.

I was snacking.
On Wasabi Peas.

A bright idea filled my head. I could share my tasty and healthy snack the little angles giggling in each corner of my room.
They, of course, jumped at the chance to try something new. Primarily because it came from the depths of my desk drawer and therefore must be cool.

I placed a pea in each outstretched hand.
In a fluid motion the wasabi coating met tiny taste-buds.

For a moment all was ok.
The moment stretched and almost included chewing.
But no.

Suddenly the once giggle filled air was silent. And then came the spitting.
And the yells of “fire.”
Footsteps sounded out as they stampeded toward the sink. Climbing on the counter top, sticking their heads under the faucet.

I just kept laughing.

It took several minuets of fake retching, yells of disbelief and constant water flow for them to turn their sites back on me.
The provider of pain.

My tears of laughter matched their sweat wet faces.

I choked back a laugh and jokingly offered more.
I watched their faces go from that of horror to that of devilish ingenuity.

“Yes!” they all begged. They took their second helpings and went off in search of their younger siblings.

I locked the door behind them.

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