Tuesday, March 28, 2006

grumble grumble

I currently have an angry little girl in my classroom for detention.

She is sighing loudly.
She is slamming her book on the desk and glaring at the clock at regular intervals.
She just attempted to get my attention by “accidentally” knocking over a near-by chair.

I continue to stare stonily at the computer screen, watching her huff out of the corner of my eye.

Ah, my lack of rapt attention has her thinking… she might be able to sneak out.
She pushes her chair back.
Straining to slowly slide her chair towards the door her hopes are high.

A bright smile begins to creep across her face.
Just a little farther.
A few more inches.

Without looking up, without moving my eyes from the screen I remind her “time not reading does not count as part of this detention. That was a sliding 6 minuets of wasted play.”

Her chair slams back to the desk.

Still looking at the screen, I smile.
I love teacher vision.

you are evil
and that is so sexy in a woman
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