Friday, March 10, 2006

The Evil Doll

Sometimes my students surpass me. I simply cannot entertain as they can.
Here is the final copy of a story written by one of my angels. I left all the grammar goodies just as she wrote them for your enjoyment.

The Evil Doll
By. C.T.

Once upon a time there was a doll I bought 7 years ago. I was going to throw it then it got evil (4 years later). The doll was following me every-where. I went and it kept on hiding and saying “I will kill you very bad”

Then I said, “you can’t even kill me. I can run away” While I was at my house I was scared the doll will kill me at 1 o’clock at Akiuk Memorial School.

The doll said “If you don’t go to the school I will go to you house to stab and scratch your face”

Me, Minnie, and Mikayla went to the school with a snow machine then Minnie said “We should bring three knifes to the school”

I said “Plus a holy water so it will get burned”

Then Mikayla said “Yeah that is an awesome idea”

But the doll had a razor and we killed it very fast after we hid in the porch, Minnie took the knifes and threw the knifes in the dolls brain Mikayla on her legs and me on her small heart. Then we were all happy that we killed it. Whenever brought any dolls again.

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