Friday, February 03, 2006

Travel conditions

While sitting in the cockpit of the 207, decked out in my snow pants, sub-zero boots, heavy down coat, wool hat, and fuzzy green gloves, I notice that it’s snowing.
Inside the plane.

A gradually growing thicker layer of fine powdered ice is forming on my clothing several hundred feet above the ground.
Inside the plane.

As a surprisingly full-bodied gust of snow passes before me the pilot laughs.
“There might be a little snow comin’ in, but don’t worry. It’s only snow.”

Apparently being concerned about a gaping seam between the plexi-glass window and the metal frame of our several decade old mode of air transportation is something laughable.

The wanna-be blizzard grows in strength as our happy pilot takes off again to pick up the other half of our group. (The junior high basketball team. Too many kids for one plane.)
Snow swirling around us.
Snow swirling around the inside of the plane.

The words of a very wise man wander through my mind.
There are old pilot and bold pilots.
But there are no old bold pilots.

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